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The creator of the greatest beauties is nature, but we people can also do miracle.

The glass… I love glass in all forms.

The light passing through the colored glasses brings a glamorous, wonderful light to our home. Louis Comfort Tiffany with his techniques made it possible that the simplified stained glass is also available in our home.

Thanks to Tiffany’s technique, the cut and polished pieces of glass are not put together with a lead profile, but covered the edge of glasses with copper foil and then screwed together. This allows of detailed elaboration.

Beside  tiffany I work with glass fusing and glass mosaic techniques.

The painted glasses are kiln fired, thus the paint will last forever.

For glass mosaic products, I work with not prefabricated glass mosaics, but with regular or irregular cut tiffany glass.



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The price is determined by the size of the surface, its details and the selected glasses.


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